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Bozwell Biography

Born near Toronto, Canada, Bozwell had the urge to write music at an early age. His first childhood "composition" was a dirge for his pet gerbil, banged out on the low keys of the family piano into a small tape recorder. At age 11, he talked his parents into buying him an electric guitar and began lessons. By 15 he had "learned to wail" on the guitar and joined his first band, where he wrote most of the music. He played in area bands for the next several years, all of which featured original music in a variety of styles, which he wrote, or co-wrote with other band members. By the time his 3 year stint with area group MetroGnome was up, he had become fascinated with recording techniques and synthesizers and he knew what he wanted to do: create an elaborate home studio in which to record his music.

And so he did. A perfectionist at heart, with a desire to learn all he could, Bozwell sought out the best teachers, studying harmony, counterpoint, flamenco, jazz, electronics and recording techniques. He studied classical guitar for five years with the renowned Eli Kassner. At the same time he continued his songwriting, developing his eclectic rock style and making his recordings. A prolific composer, Bozwell has now written some 200 songs.

He prepared his first CD release "Bozwell" in 1999, and released his 2nd CD, "The Bozwell Incident", in 2003. A CD of instrumental works "The Other Side of Bozwell" followed in 2004. Bozwell's writing encompasses a variety of styles while somehow remaining uniquely his own. His influences have been as diverse as the Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Pat Metheny, Carlos Santana, Van Morrison, Nina Simone, Sting, Bjork, Oscar Peterson, Alan Stivell, Bob Marley, Kate Bush, Tchaikovsky, Weather Report and Steely Dan, to name but a very few.